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The relationship between Challenge Pumps (Pty) Ltd ( Australia) and Cemo Pumps (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

Since the year 2000, both Companies have enjoyed a very solid and fantastic relationship focused on both Companies, together developing a Brand of Helical Rotor Pumps and Spares used specifically for Underground Mine Dewatering applications, known as the "WT" WEARTUFF Range.

During this successful Nineteen year period, Cemo has manufactured and Challenge have distributed on an exclusive basis the "WT" Range. The Combined expertise, efforts, commitment and loyalty displayed by both Companies have resulted in the growth and acceptance of the Helical Rotor WT brand within the Global Underground mine dewatering marketplace.

Whilst Cemo Pumps is the Sole manufacturer of WT range of pumps and spares for Challenge Pumps it does not retail and or market it. The Sales and Marketing is successfully done by Challenge Pumps.

Cemo will with absolute confidence and recognition advertise the relationship it has with Challenge and will continue to pass onto Challenge any such enquiries it may receive for the WT range.

Weartuff Pumps

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