O Industrial Pump Range

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The O-Range (Industrial Range) low to medium flow, high head positive displacement pumps for use in the medium to heavy industrial use comprising of a steel rotor within a rubber stator. Pumps may be close coupled or belt driven depending on application.Applications include domestic and industrial waste water transfer, mining water of any composition, gland service water pump for slurry pump glands. Industries serviced includes the beverage ,brewery industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries. These pumps are also used in for agricultural, farming and irrigation pumping requirements. Some are used for high pressure cleaning for the railroad and trucking industries. They also cater bilge pumps for marine and barge applications and process plant applications. Foam and lightweight cement grouting and pumping for both domestic, industrial and mining applications are also outfitted. Advantages include a wide range of materials of construction available to suit the food, pharmaceutical and chemical pumping applications. Other advantages include variable speed drives to vary required flow rates.